Our 2/25/21 Recorded PDM with Ernie Southers!

Using MRP for Planning and Kanban for Execution
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ASCM Members: Click Here for our Updated By Laws in Draft
If you Have any Comments or Questions about the By Laws, please email Russ Miller at [email protected] (posted 3/16/21)

APICS Courses

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APICS Train the Trainer Workshop held December 2020
Grant Gutkowski, Tin Nguyen, Yari Rodgers, Mike Ford (instructor), Irene Sheridan

Employment Horizons

Our friends at Employment Horizons in Cedar Knolls, NJ are assembling Personal Protective Kits (click here)!

Employment Horizons serves individuals with disabilities and other barriers to employment through innovative programs and employment opportunities in the greater Morris County area. If you are interested in contracting with them, please contact Lisa Montalbano at [email protected] or call 973-538-8822, ext. 212. Please visit their website at for more information!


Congratulations to our 2019/2020 "of the Year" award recipients!!

Member of the Year - Gilmarie Rodriguez
Instructor of the Year - Michael Ford
Company of the Year - SobelCo




APICS Greater North Jersey - Certification Training

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Bill's Building Blocks

Read the instalation of Bill's Building Blocks!

We Have Not Yet Talked About CO2 Emissions - April 2021

Bill’s Building Blocks: We Have Not Yet Talked About CO2 Emissions With Covid-19 causing me to teach remotely via Zoom, I am just not driving as much right now. The good news is that I am spending less on gas. My wife laughs at me because I buy gas in a lot size of exactly twenty dollars....

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Blown Away on a Container Ship

Bill’s Building Blocks Blown Away on a Container Ship - April 2021 A modern three-story building stands at the corner of Export and Calcutta streets a quarter mile from Marsh Street and across from the Port Newark Container Terminal.  This is The Seamen’s Church Institute.  T...

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Supply Chain Transparency

By William T. Walker, CFPIM, CSCP-F, CLTD-F, CIRM  March 2021 On the demand side: The Washington Post’s covid-vaccine-states-distribution-doses website reported that in New Jersey 1.33 million had received first doses out of 7.17 million people eligible (Feb 28th).  Accordin...

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Trust Makes The World Go Round

By William T. Walker, CFPIM, CSCP-F, CLTD-F, CIRM  February 2021 Download PDF Version Here. The word went out that beginning 11am on Sunday eligible folks could schedule their Covid-19 vaccinations on the State of New Jersey Covid-19 website, During the first few ...

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Refining Raw Materials

By William T. Walker, CFPIM, CSCP-F, CLTD-F, CIRM  January 2021 Download PDF Version Here. Coming off the Covid pandemic sometime in 2021 should cause us to refocus on the basic ideas underlying our supply chains. When I teach about multi-echelon supply chains at NYU, I rarely de...

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Announcing: APICS Greater North Jersey Membership Anniversaries July 2020 to June 2021

45 Years:

  • John Koroluk, CSCP

40 Years

  • William Walker, CPIM-F, CIRM, CSCP-F, CLTD-F
  • Keith Breznovits, CPIM, CIRM, CSCP

35 Years

  • Joe Cervino
  • Thomas Barbone

30 Years:

  • Bruce Campbell
  • Albert Zwiazek
  • Denise Michaels, CPIM

25 Years:

  • Paula Golembeski, CPIM, CSCP
  • Mark Stucki
  • Susan Carrier, CPIM
  • Thomas DeBrock, CPIM, CIRM, CSCP
  • Doug Anderson, CPIM
  • David Richardson, CPIM, CSCP

20 Years:

  • Eric McNamara
  • Cathy Concannon, CPIM, CSCP

10 Years:

  • Kevin Carvajal
  • Jeffrey Luft, CLTD
  • Brandon Shaughnessy, CPIM
  • William Weiss, CSCP
  • Eugene Mezheritsky, CPIM, CSCP
  • Oluwaseu Bisiriyu-Salam, CSCP

5 Years:

  • Lisa Montalbano
  • Nicholas Petrillo, CSCP, CLTD
  • Gaurav Majumdar, CPIM
  • Walter Hynoski
  • Eileen Obara, CPIM
  • Vicki Vennero, CPIM
  • Yanzi Li, CPIM
  • John Bissetta
  • Qunfang Zhuang, CSCP
  • Sharon Taylor
  • Vaughn Sari, CSCP
  • Luis Blach
  • Michael Bella Jr. 
  • Francis Fleisher, CSCP
  • Svetlana Dvoynos, CSCP
  • Maeghan Pami, CSCP
  • Robin Lieberman
  • Luana Sousi, CPIM
  • Jennifer O'Shea
  • Cheryl Sakas, CSCP





Upcoming EventS

May 18

Circular Economy - Presented by Chuck Nemer

Two Years ago, Gartner claimed our supply chains better be involved in the circular economy or we'll get left behind...
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May 22


Six Saturday's May 22, June 5, 12, 26, July 10, 17, 2021
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Introducing the ASCM GNJ 2021/2022 Slate for the Board of Directors as presented by The Nomination Committee

As per the Chapter By-Laws, additional nominations may be made in writing by any ASCM Greater North Jersey Chapter Member in good standing. Any additional nominations must be received no later than Monday, May 10, 2021 to be announced on May 11, 2021 for voting consideration. Additional nominations for Board positions should be e-mailed to either Joe Shedlawski at [email protected] or Russ Miller at [email protected]

President - Rob Dowler
Executive Vice President - Ben Lowe
Secretary - Edmund Davies
Treasurer - Murat Kulak
VP Marketing & Communications - Pragnesh Butala
VP Education  - Russ Miller
VP Membership - Tony DeVincenzo
VP Programs  - Cheickna Sylla